Miss, miss, I have a question!

What are the rates of a Rubi-E?

These are listed with each profile. Each Rubi-E has its own rates.

Are there any travel costs?

Travel costs are included when booking within the region of the model.
When booking outside the model’s region, there are additional travel expenses, which can be found in the model’s fares.
The expenses may be reduced by agreement with the model from a certain minimum number of hours.

1 hour, short & powerful. Passionate? We doubt that…

Some models offer a 1 hour service. Know that this is not realistic to experience a passionate moment. It can even lead to a loss of the services you expect from our models.

Authenticity, sincerity & honest information?

Rubi-E offers her models the possibility of a true to nature photo shoot at a professional photo studio. Every text and data in a Rubi-E model’s profile is supplied by the model himself, after which it is verified for truth by us by means of an interview.

On what basis are the models verified?

The minimum age of 21 years, the identity (Belgian or Dutch passport) and the language (fluent Dutch). To determine whether a model is suitable to accompany you? You will find this out through the information on each profile as well as through the direct email addresses of the Models which you can use for any questions you may have.

Which persons are behind the Models?

Spontaneous and respectful ladies (students, receptionists, representatives, highly educated etc.) who, in addition to a permanent job, see their life as an escort as a challenge. A challenge as a strong, stylish, passionate lady to make you feel at ease.

Ladies who secretly look forward to moments where they reveal themselves in order to enjoy an exciting, passionate adventure together with you.

What is the difference between Rubi-E and an escort agency?

Rubi-E is a platform on which models advertise in the form of their own profile(page). Each model can choose between a direct profile, provided with direct contact information, or a Rubi-E profile. In this case Rubi-E offers its service as an intermediary between you and the model. This is for the preservation of mutual privacy and for an ubiquitous discretion.

Direct contact with a Rubi-E

Some Rubi-Es simply do not want direct contact. Just like you, many of our ladies have a (prominent) job and a busy social life. Family, acquaintances, friends, colleagues, … Nobody has any business with this piece of strictly private life. By outsourcing communication and administration, information and bookings run safely behind the scenes.

The result: a relaxed model that can fully concentrate on a passionate experience with you.

What is the difference between an escort model and an image-girl?

An escort model is there to enjoy with you, away from all the hustle and stress.
She is there to relax with you and come back to yourself and have a sensual encounter.

An image-girl, on the other hand, lives up to her role. To strengthen your image during public events: personal, e.g. as a friend, business, e.g. as a secretary, or commercial, e.g. as a hostess, hostess (acte de présence), etc.

Is my favourite Rubi-E available?

Rubi-E offers a clear overview via the agenda in the main menu. Models with an advertisement, provided with direct contact details, are not included in this overview.

When do I need to make a reservation?

We recommend booking as soon as possible and do not wait until the last moment. It happens all too often that people postpone until one hour before an appointment. Please be aware that this leads to a negative answer in 99% of the requests in this way.

I would like to reserve a Rubi-E …

Reservations can be made via e-mail : or via the contact form at the bottom of each profile.
Just like you, each model wishes to be sure of your reservation.
This is why we have decided that reservations without a correct name and telephone will not be accepted. Rubi-E is a professional agency. We handle every reservation with the utmost care and discretion.

How does the payment process work?

Payment is made at the beginning of the meeting, preferably without the model having to ask for it.
Would you prefer to avoid this part of your appointment? Then we offer you the possibility to make a pre-payment on the booking.
If you choose this option, you can indicate this during your booking.

(If you would like to receive an invoice for our services, that is also an option).

Can I cancel my appointment (free of charge)?

This is possible. In case of a cancellation we do ask for a respectful treatment of our models.
This can be done easily and efficiently by informing us by phone as soon as possible. Under the motto postponement is not an adjustment, we look forward to a call from you to schedule a new appointment.

I still have other questions…

Contact us between 10.00h. and 22.00h. This can be done by email, text message or via the general contact form. We handle every question with the utmost care and discretion.

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