A little love is enough to save you.

Can I access a model on Rubi-E directly?

You can. Each model has its own mailbox. This makes it possible to contact each model directly with any questions or wishes without having to ask us.
Your mail ends up on our server after which it is automatically forwarded to the model and vice versa. This employment guarantees privacy for you and the model.

Where can and may I receive a model?

This can be done in any normal, decent and traceable place. For example at your home, hotel, restaurant, sauna, etc.
A Rubi-E does not venture into vague, sinister places. The girls also ask for discreet parking in the immediate vicinity.

Tips & Tricks during a date?

Maybe you will be a bit nervous later on. Don’t worry, so is our Rubi-E… A bit of healthy tension beforehand is perfectly normal.
Make sure everything is clean and tidy. In this way you give our model a good feeling right from the start. You probably expect a pearl from a lady, well cared for, with a neat appearance. In the same way she expects a respectful, well-groomed person towards her.

Is there something I shouldn’t do?

Well, don’t be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The model wants to enjoy with you and is a listening ear when you need it. A model doesn’t like conversations about other appointments or questions about her private life.
You can have a drink together to bring cosiness if this helps you to loosen up a bit.

No, I’d rather not. What does NO mean?

The model you wish to meet with has a clear profile page. For any additional information you may have contacted her and received an answer.
If, during your appointment, you have extra wishes that the model does not wish to meet, this means a respectful but clear ‘no’. We are pleased that you respect this 100%.

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